Privacy Policy


At BBISEQTA, our major objective is to provide you the best protection over the things that you are performing on the website. Basically, the BBISEQTA platform is result-oriented platform where we release balochistan board results. After you used BBISEQTA, all of the rules and regulations that are considered for this website, you have to obey them without any doubts.

What Information’s Do We Collect?

Our primary goal as mentioned earlier is to provide you with the best services on our platform. For that, we may get your location, IP address, and other information. However, this information is never used for any wrong purpose. In the future, you may see various advertisements on our website that we will use for making money as we are providing everything to visitors for free. We will use the Advertisement policies of the Google platform and they may need the above personal information that would require for a variety of purposes. But, it will be used to show you the relevant advertisements that you are searching about on the browsers. Moreover, your data will never use for any negative activity.

Apart from that, your personal information will never be gotten by us forcedly. Upon your acceptance, the personal information will be grabbed for the positive purposes.

How Do We use Your Personal Information?

Showing you the relevant products through advertisements is the primary reason for getting your personal information. Also, that information is gathered for Google Advertisements and they are reliable, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

Whoever visits BBISEQTA has the accept the rules and regulations of the platform. Not only that, the certain rules that are applied to every website on its usage are also liable for you to accept and follow. Otherwise, your IPs would be blocked and you couldn’t use the platform again.

How Your Visits are Secured on the Website?

We have invested a good amount of money in the security of the website by getting the help of advanced technologies and experts. Apart from that, we have also purchased an SSL certificate for the website. So, all these things will be enough for a visitor to have a secure experience on BBISEQTA.

Besides that, we don’t allow any of our co-workers or third-party apps to get the data of the visitor or track their activities. So, you are safe from that side too.