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Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education


What is BBISE?

BBISE stands for Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. The Board handles all of the mandatory solutions and assistance that is attached to the future of a Matric and Intermediate Student. BBISE is itself a Government institution that is introduced by the Government of Balochistan. Within BBISE, hundreds of employees are constantly working to assist the people of Balochistan in the education sector daily. Alongside, they take the exams of intermediate and Matriculation students and announce their results every year.

Every student who is aspiring to study in Balochistan and wants to get admission to the prestigious universities of Balochistan or any other province or country would have to get their assistance for it. Based on their allocated Degrees and DMCs, the students can easily apply to any of the universities in the future.

Just like the other Provinces of Pakistan have their Intermediate and Secondary boards for its local/Domicile Students, the same thing BBISE does as a leading board of Balochistan. Apart from Quetta, the students studying in every part of the Balochistan province get their Degrees and DMCs from BBISE.

When and why BBISE is Established?

In July 1972, BBISE is Established in Balochistan under the BISE ordinances 1976. The Board gets the empowerment in the entire educational sectors of Balochistan. Provisional Revenue management is the primary responsibility of BBISE. Moreover, any of the institutions in Balochistan comes under the BBISE Supervision. However, the cantonment board institutions working in Balochistan don’t come under the supervision of BBISE. BBISE office is located at Samungli RD, Quetta and it remains open from 9 AM to 5 PM.

As a Student, you always want to pursue a better education in your life. Therefore, the Degree matters the most for you to get admission to the best Institutions you want. For that reason, the BBISE is established in Balochistan to help the students of Balochistan who want to Pass Matriculation and Intermediate with a Good margin to get admission to universities. Moreover, any student from Balochistan who is studying in any school or college that is supposed to be not registered with BBISE, won’t get admission to any of the universities. That’s the major reason; BBISE plays an important role in the life of a Student in Balochistan.

What Are The Responsibilities of BBISE?

The Responsibilities of BBISE lie among different sectors of the Education institutions. However, mentioning every single one of them is not mandatory at all. For an idea, BBISE has the following responsibilities:

  • BBISE is working for Student’s betterment in terms of ethnicity.
  • BBISE is responsible to Conduct the Examinations throughout Balochistan.
  • BBISE is handling the Financial Aspects of the Board.
  • Private and Public Institutions Affiliate certifications are checked and managed by BBISE.
  • Distribution of Courses in different parts of Balochistan Province is also its responsibility.
  • Shortlisting and selecting the supervisory staff and examination staff is the responsibility of BBISE.
  • Providing The Prices and Certifications to the Students.
  • Checking the Papers of the Students.
  • Announcing the Results of Intermediate and Matriculation Students.
  • Issuing the Roll no Slips for Exams.
  • Printing the Answer Sheets and Question papers for the Exams.
  • Announcing the Date sheet of the Exams.
  • Preparing Examinations halls for the Examination along with managing every single examination hall.

What is the Mission of BBISE?

Just like any Organization is established with a purpose or mission, BBISE is also established for the same reasons. Here, it has the core purpose of extending the Educational system in the entire Balochistan province. Apart from that, the national level educational authorities enhancement is also the major mission of BBISE. Also, it’s dedicated to working upon the gaps that can make it possible for conducting a clean and transparent examination in Balochistan.

What are the Additional Exams Conducted by BBISE?

In General, many people know that BBISE is conducting Intermediate and Matriculation Exams. However, it also conducts the Exams of Associate Engineering Diploma, Diploma in Commerce, Agriculture Diploma, and Language education such as ALIM, FAZIL, and ABID.

Is BBISE an Autonomous Board?

BBISE is although introduced by the Government of Balochistan; however, it’s considered the Autonomous department. Moreover, BBISE is the only educational board in Balochistan, which makes its importance a lot in the entire province.

What is SSC?

SSC stands for Secondary School Certificate that a student gets from the BBISE after passing/Failing the Matriculation Exams. Upon Passing the Examination, the Students of matriculation can use the Certificate to apply for College admission.

If a student is Fail in SSC exams, he/she can apply for Supplementary exams and the SSC certificate makes it possible for them to appear. Within SSC Exams, the Students can pursue either Medical subjects or Computer subjects based on their interests. Moreover, Humanities Exams are also conducted in the SSC exams where the students can apply for private exams without any need of studying In the institution. In the SSC Exams, a student had to appear for six subjects and pass them to qualify for the SSC certification and degree.

The SSC students who appear in the exams are either in the 9th or 10th class. If a student passes the 9th exam, they get the SSC part-I certificate. However, after passing the 10th class, they get the entire result of both 9th and 10th in the final SSC certificate.

What is HSSC?

HSSC stands for Higher Secondary School Certificate that a student gets from BBISE after passing/Failing the Intermediate Exams. Upon Passing the Examination, the Student of Intermediate can use the Certificate to apply for University admission.

If a student is Fail in HSSC exams, he/she can apply for the Supplementary exams and the HSSC certificate can make it possible for them to re-appear. Within the HSSC exams, the students can appear in the Medical, Computer, or Humanities group. The Medical and Computer Group students appear in the exams through a college. However, the Humanities group (F.A) students can appear in the exams without studying in any institution. You can also call it a private exam. In the HSSC Exams, the students had to prepare 6 subjects to qualify for the Certification and Degree.

The HSSC students who appear in the exams are either in the 11th or 12th class. If the student passes the 11th exam, they can get the Part-I HSSC certificate. However, after passing the 12th Class, they can get the entire result of both 11th and 12th in the final HSSC certificate.

How BBISE Conducts Exams and Provide Certificates for Additional Exams?

BBISE as said earlier is also parenting different educational institutions that are offering Technical education. So, the Certifications and Exams conducted for the students studying in the same institutions are the responsibility of BBISE.

DAE: Diploma in Associate Engineering or Associate Engineering Diploma is three years of the program after Matriculation. In the Diploma, Students can opt for various Engineering Fields like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and many more.

If a student wants to consider their Associate Engineering Diploma legit and acceptable for a job or Further Engineering Studies, they get the Certification from BBISE for it. Moreover, BBISE is responsible to announce the results along with checking the papers of the Students.

Diploma in Commerce: Commerce education is offered by different Colleges in Balochistan. Many people also know it as D.Com where the studies are related to Auditing, Finance, and other relevant subjects. After completing the D.Com exams, the student is eligible to apply for further Commerce subjects. Here, the BBISE takes the responsibility of issuing the passed/Failed D.COM students a diploma along with conducting the exams.

Agriculture Diploma: Many of the students have an interest in pursuing an Agriculture education and become well-known and experienced Agriculturist. For that, an Agriculture diploma is offered in various institutions in Balochistan to strong the basics of the students. The Agriculture Diploma exams are conducted by BBISE along with announcing the results. In other words, their Certificates make the students eligible to apply for an agriculture university and pursue a professional agriculture education.


The Language Education offers in different institutions of Balochistan are ALIM, FAZIL, and ABID. BBISE also offers Certifications and conducts exams for the students who enroll in these studies.

What is BAEC?

Balochistan Assessment and Education Commission or BAEC is the commission that is introduced for the students from 5th to 8th class under the supervision of the Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE).

The students don’t need to appear for the examinations through BAEC. However, anyone can opt for Board exams while studying in the same class. So, you can say that it’s an additional option that can help out the students prepare better for the matriculation board examinations and get the experience of Board examinations. Within the BAEC exams, the students had to pass 9 subjects where non-Muslim subjects are also included.

How BBISE Works?

BBISE is an autonomous Institution, therefore, some people are appointed to do the work and make the process as easier and transparent as possible. So, let’s discuss them in detail.

Chairman of the Board:

The Chairman of the Board or CEO is the one who leads the BBISE. Its responsibilities are to check the Governance and Leadership of the board where all of the areas come. In the below section, the following other designations are mentioned, which is also the responsibility of the Chairman to manage and check out their responsibilities. Meanwhile, the institutions that are affiliated with BBISE, their progress is also checked by the Board. Moreover, the meetings with government officials and introducing any new policy on the boards are also the responsibilities of the Chairman to handle.


Examination Controller

The Examination Controller is the one who leads the Examination aspects of the board. Ensuring every minor to the major thing that can help in a transparent and clear examination is the responsibility of the Controller. Under Examination Controller, all of the Examination hall's responsibilities are on his shoulder.

Apart from that, It’s the responsibility of the Examination controller to keep the Secrecy of the Exams and restrict the pathways that can’t allow any of the students to cheat or already get the Question papers. Besides that, he/she is responsible to coordinate all the matters with the concerned people.

If any of the issues are happening in Admit Cards, Examination centers, Supervisory staff, and datasheet, he/she would be the one who has to resolve it.


The Secretaries in BBISE have a vital role in managing the Board Meeting and providing all of the major necessities that can make it hassle-less for everyone. Apart from that, they are responsible to create strategies that can help in making the right decisions for the endeavor of the Board.

Audit Officer

Audit Officers work in the BBISE department to ensure the financial aspect of the board is going on transparently. In other words, they tend to manage all of the details of the entire revenue generation of the board. If any corruption is happening, they would be the ones who can highlight it and prepare the report that will be shown to the Chairman of the Board. Based on that, legal action would be taken by the Chairman. Also, the Audit department is the backbone of the BBISE to keep it standing like a skyscraper.

Senior Clerk

The senior Clerk is the one who handles the Office work of the Balochistan Board. In the Board office, different branches are dealing with different task works daily. So, every branch has its senior clerk who handles the entire tasks assigned to them.

Junior Clerk

Junior Clerk is the one who works under the Senior Clerk. The responsibilities of a Junior clerk are not different from Senior Clerk, but, he has to get the orders or guidance from the Senior clerk to do everything. For every branch in the Balochistan board, there is a junior clerk over there.

Admission Office

The Admission Office in Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary education handles all of the tasks of Admissions. In other words, for the students who have applied for the Board exams, their data along with further processing the data is the responsibility of the Admission officer. Under Admission Officer, various staff work to manage the admission-related tasks.

Finance Section

The Finance Section in Balochistan board is the one who keeps the daily check and balance of the Money and other revenue gateways. Let's suppose, a person is appearing to the Balochistan board for any personal service, they had to pay for that, so the finance department collects the money and manages it. Meanwhile, the finance department is the one that makes the salaries of Balochistan board employees on the monthly basis.

Computer Cell

The Computer Cell in Balochistan board consists of the people who are working continuously to handle all of the computer-related tasks. Many students come to the Balochistan board for the submission of forms for verification, exams, and other reasons, so the computer cell is responsible to keep all of the information in a digital form.

In the past, similar tasks are managed in the Registers, which is a hectic way to handle the old data and requires more space to manage. However, the computer cell has made it easier in the Balochistan board to keep similar information on the computer.

Naib Qasid

Naib Qasid's responsibilities are various in the Balochistan board. They tend to assist the office staff by preparing meals and tea along with cleaning the Office area and helping with the other ground-level tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answering to your queries

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BBISEQTA has direct connections with the Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary education. Therefore, the results are handover to us before the release dates. So, we can easily upload the results for you and you can check them by entering the Roll no slip.

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